Don’t Let Another Website Collect Clicks from Your Audience

It’s your content. Host it on your website and gain exposure for your business. We are happy to host your content on a private watch page if you do not want to.
Simple integration for WordPress websites via our plugin.
Custom integration for any website via our API.

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Live Streaming

An immersive live experience to help your audience feel involved in the service.

Video on Demand

Upload and host any content within the event’s landing page on your website.

Website Integration

It’s your service. Host it on your website and gain exposure for your business.

Website Streaming Integration

Streaming is an Expected Service – Make Sure You Get the Full Benefit

Our API is custom-built for the industry it serves. You can choose to use our popular plugin or have complete control to customise the look and feel of how streaming integrates with your site.

Supports the Growth of Your Online Presence

Funeral home operators know that the best way to market yourself is to show your high-quality service to as many people as possible. Live streaming lets more people see what you can offer.

Share Videos Securely

Send videos to stakeholders via private links. Protect videos or entire events with a PIN code. You can also specify which websites have permission to embed your video.

Showcase the Value of a Funeral

Providing an excellent service is the best way to demonstrate the value of a funeral. Live streaming is the easiest way to reach more people.

Modern Expectations

Live streaming is growing fast, and the funeral industry is perfectly positioned to take advantage of this trend while it is still accelerating.

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