Immersive Live Experience

Live streaming is the best way to help distant friends and family feel like they are part of the service. Naoca is a reliable content delivery platform and can deliver streams across the globe. Experiencing everything in real time and being able to interact with other remote viewers through our comments section means that you can reach a much wider audience.

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Live Streaming

An immersive live experience to help your audience feel involved in the service.

Video on Demand

Upload and host any content within the event’s landing page on your website.

Website Integration

It’s your service. Host it on your website and gain exposure for your business.

Stream to Our Platform from Anywhere at Any time

Remember when choosing your streaming method you need to make sure equipment is reliable and your staff are adequately trained and prepared.

Drop In / AV System

We have a drop-in equipment solution to allow you to stream from any AV system with an audio source and a camera.

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Professional Streamer

Videographers can provide an intimate and high-quality live stream and can take the hassle out of running a service.

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RTMP / Laptop / Mobile

There really are no limits to what you can live stream from. If you have a camera and an internet connection, you get started using custom Apps and Software Programs.

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Why Naoca? We Put You in Control


Allow your audience to download the live streams to relive the experience.


Take control of your content. Download videos, edit and reupload in your own time.


Track engagement with your audience and watch it grow as you build an online presence.

Online Privacy

Manage your own privacy, services can be protected to keep it private for its intended audience.

Interactive Content

Photo gallery, document upload, google maps integration, comments, venue information.


You may push your own advertising content on the stream, but we will never post ads. It is your event.

Secondary Stream Destination

Stream to additional locations to reach a wider audience. Compatible with (YouTube, Twitch, Facebook etc).